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This is the first shoe release for the album 20 Years Later.  20 Years Later is a beat sampler where multiple producers across the globe sampled their beat from Candice Ivory's album Path-Undefined, which was released in 2003.  The sampler has still not been released, but it is on its way.  I'm taking an unorthodox approach to releasing the art.  In this case, the shoe comes first.  This shoe is designed by Contra Vibe using the art provided by Pablo Carlos Budassi, who is based out of Argentina.  This shoe is created on behalf of one of the producers that contributed to the project from Dazed Beathead Collective, Jay Hodgson.  Thank you, Jay Hodgson, for not only contributing on behalf of Dazed Beathead Collective but also dedicating your time to the album.  I am truly thankful and grateful for everything you've done.


Contra Vibe


Men's High Top Leather Sneakers

Premium rubber outsoles for all over printing high top sneakers 

A semi-glossy leather upper for shoes and easier to clean

White and Black mesh cloth lining and EVA padded insoles more breathable

2.7 cm Heel height and 3-layer on 2-color sole design for a classic look

Perforated 'galaxy' oblique panels on the front and a lace up closure easy to wear

Eco-friendly and 100% perfect for every season, wear them all year round

Product code : D16-M

This product is made on demand. No minimums.

Fast 2-5 days production time and multiple shipping methods available. 

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