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CV20YL - PATH-UNDEFINED Mens Upgraded High Top Retro Basketball Sneakers

CV20YL - PATH-UNDEFINED Mens Upgraded High Top Retro Basketball Sneakers

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Candice Ivory released a record in 2003; she named it Path-Undefined. 20 Years Later, the year hip-hop turned 50, a collective of producers from around the world each picked a track to sample from that album. That, along with sound bites from posts and podcasts, formed a unique fusion of the past and present. What does it mean for discourse to run its course and transcend into a new, unique form within itself? This album explores that question. Many thanks to Candice and everyone involved in this project; your contributions, friendship, and genuine love for the art will forever be appreciated and celebrated. This is shoe is called Path-Undefined. The art used to create this shoe was granted permission be Pablo Carlos Budassi.

* Rubber TPR sole for high top silhouette sneakers

* PU Leather synthetic uppers with Oxford fabric 

* 6 Woven Tapes with 6 loop eyelets and laced closure

* Style for round toe with a black base atop a clean white midsole 

* New sneakers highlighting the OG basketball style of the ’90s.

* Hand wash only or clean by soft cloth and dry in the air

Product code : SF_S38S-M

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Fast 2-5 days production time and multiple shipping methods available. 

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